Dryer Vent Cleaning

Improve the Safety of Your Home

Improve the Safety of Your Home

Schedule yearly dryer vent cleaning services

Did you know that a dirty dryer vent can place your home in danger? Over time, lint and debris build up in your vent. Lint is highly flammable and can catch on fire quickly. Thankfully, One Stop Maintenance & Repair Service LLC is here to keep you and your family safe. We offer dryer vent cleaning services to homeowners in the Tyler, TX area.

We highly suggest scheduling our cleaning services once a year to get the most out of your dryer. For more information, call 903-376-7802.

Don't let lint and debris clog your vent

Leave the dryer vent cleaning to One Stop Maintenance & Repair Service LLC. Getting your dryer vent professionally cleaned can lead to...

  • Lower electric bills
  • Faster drying times
  • Less damage to clothing
  • Extended dryer life span
  • Reduced risk of dryer vent fires

Schedule your dryer vent cleaning once a year to maintain your appliance for years to come. We look forward to serving you.
Contact us today to request your dryer vent cleaning.